Research for children!

Clinical research for children is important in order to provide drugs and other innovations designed especially for children. This objective has also been highly prioritised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and an adequate legal environment for the research for children has been created. Aside from European legislation there are also numerous national laws to be kept in mind when carrying out clinical studies (not only in case of studies with children). These regulatory guidelines must also be taken into consideration when scientific planning of studies is taking shape.

OKIDS regards itself as a professional partner for clinical studies in all areas of paediatrics. Studies can extensively be supported as they will be linked with both the University Hospitals for Paediatrics and the Co-ordination Centres for Clinical Studies (KKS) of the Medical Universities. The goods and services of OKIDS are also available for researchers and networks coming from non-commercial, academic areas. Here, the Co-ordination Centres for Clinical Studies would provide support during the management and underwriting of insurances, monitoring, data management and pharmacovigilance.

The objective is to produce scientifically top-quality and independent studies which comply with national and international standards and guidelines.