Mission and History


Because children are different to adults developmentally and physiologically, clinical trials involving children are essential to ensure they receive appropriate, safe and effective treatments and care.

OKIDS is committed to high quality research, good recruitment and improved health outcomes for children. We believe that research is not simply based on the views of research professionals and clinicians but also depend on listening to the voices of children and young people, as well as their families and carers.

Until well-designed trials have been carried out, there is a risk that people will be given treatments which do not work and which may be harmful.

Sincere consideration of Ethical aspects in clinical trials with children is a central value in our mission. OKIDS follows the well structured guidance and requirements of the Austrian Forum of the University based Ethical Committees where affected populations are part of the decision making process and special attention is given to age appropriate informed consent for children on trials.

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Contact details for more information: Ethiccommission

OKIDS History

OKIDS was developed jointly by the Austrian Pediatric Medical Society for Children and Adolescents, the Federal Ministry of Health and Pharmig. It is the result of the Pediatric Health Dialog and a part of the general national health goals of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Sponsored by the resources of the Federal ministry of Health.

Supported by Pharmig – the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Austria.

Sponsored by the resources of "Common health goals from the basic pharmaceutical contract, a cooperative project of the Austrian pharmaceutical industry and social insurance".

OKIDS consists of a pool of experienced pediatric hospitals and universities for the purpose of performing clinical trials on medicines for children.

The OKIDS network cooperates closely with the respective coordination centers for clinical studies (KKS) at its five Austrian locations.